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Alphabetical list of American tattoo artists in California categorized from A to Z from all cities and towns in the US state of AZ. Includes tattooists and body piercers in California on our Tattoo directory.

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Anaheim Tattoo
California tattoo salon providing tattoo services like custom design tats, reworking, cover ups, colored inkwork, black and grey, tribal art designs, body piercings, body jewelry and other body modification. They provide clean and friendly body art shop that can give good tattoo designs for customers. 1440 South Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim, CA, United States

Black and Blue Tattoo
A popular tattoo parlor in Bay area, San Fransisco that provides custom design tats, black work, classic tattoos, clean tattooing environment and sterile equipment. This American tattoo shop offers electrocautery
skin branding method, scarification and cutting which are forms of old body modification. 381 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

Body Shop Tattoo
Tattoo artists, californian tattoo shop located in Glendale, providing inkwork, body piercing and body modifiation. Skilled tattooists that do angel tattoos, dragon tatoos, ethnic designs, custom body artwork, japanese body art and portraits. Tattoo studio offers body jewelry for skin piercings, adult piercings and other forms of body art. 710 East Broadway, Glendale, CA, United States

Concrete Jungle Tattoo
American tattoo artists located in the City of Chula Vista California offering tattoos in black and grey, colored, custom designs, different sized tats. They are using different ink like minerals, vegetable dyes, plastics, and metallic salts.Servicing ankle tattoos, arm tattoos, lower back, upper back, wrist and all body locations. 353 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA, United States

Dragons Lair Tattoo
Tattoo artists providing tattoo work, skin piercing and body mod located in the city of Oakland CA. This tattoo studio offers custom design tats, angel tattoos, dragon tattoos, japanese body art tattoos, asian inspired tattoos, chinese character tattoo translation and many more. The shop is located at 3815 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, CA, United States

End of the Trail Tattoo
Tattoo parlor located at Modesto CA offering tattoo services like portraits, colored inkworks, realistic portrait tattoos, custom tats, new school and old school tattoo designs, wide tattoo catalog to choose from. Also offering clothing merchandise online and body jewelry. 520 McHenry Avenue, Modesto, CA, United States

Everlasting Tattoo
Tatto shop based in the City of San Fransisco, California that provides tattoo services ranging from small tatoo pieces to full body tattoo. They offer wide variety of tattoos from tribal tats, celtic tattoos, arm bands, dedication tattoos and naturalistic designs. 813 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117-1505, United States

Fanatic Tattoo
American tattoo studio based in Anaheim California providing body jewelry, custom design tattoos, body mod, upgrades, body customization needs, or unique requests with precision and care. They offer custom skin design or custom piece of inkwork. 1523 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA, United States

Glendale Tattoo
Glendale tattoo salon and tattoo artists offering realistic black and grey inkwork, custom designed body art, colored inkwork, traditional American tattoos, color bomb, new school style tattoos, old school tats, portraits and tribal art designs. 1108 East Colorado Street, Glendale, CA 91205-1309, United States

Guru Tattoo
American tattoo artists providing custom tattoo designs, portrait tattoos, black and grey, colored tats. This tattoo shop is located in the bay area of San Jose California and offer professional designs and body art. 4213 Barrymore Drive, San Jose, CA 95117-3318

Inkies Tatto Studio
American tattoo artists pooled together to provide quality and creative tattoos. Based in Fremont California, they provide different styles of tats ranging from ethnic, colored, portrait, custom design and western designs. 37485 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA, United States

Inland Empire Tattoo Studios
American tattoo parlor in Riverside CA offering tattoo work, body designs, skin piercings and body mod. Tattoo services includes back tattoos, body suit tats, pin up girls, stars, sun designs, angels tattoos, religious tatoos, unique designs and many more. Tattoo shop is located at 9354 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA, United States

Leftys Tattoo Parlor and Body Piercing
Professional Tattoists and body piercers based in Chula Vista City, California providing tattoos, body art, skin piercing. American tattoo artists doing different varieties of tattoos like dedication tats, symbol tattoos, word and lettering tattoos, portrait tattoos and many more. 283 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA, United States

Mad Dog Tattoo and Body Piercing
Californian tattoo artists and body piercers offering their professional tattoo service and sterile body piercing. Located at Bakersfield California, this tattoo parlor uses different tattoo styles and customers can choose from different tattoo artists and skin piercers available. 1218 19th Street, Bakersfield, CA, United States

Mission Tattoo
A tattoo parlor located in the city of Riverside CA doing tattoo and body piercings. They specialize in cover ups, rework, words tattoos, portraits, traditional tattoos, colored inkwork, black and grey, animal tattoos and flower tats. Tattoo artists also do cosmetic tattoos like Permanent Brows, Eyeliner, Lips/Liner and many more.

Outer Limits Tattoo and Body Piercing
Located in four cities in California namely; Long Beach, Anaheim, Orange and Costa Mesa providing custom design tattoo, portraits, colored tats and other body art designs. Also doing skin piercing with safe and sterile work area and after care advice. 22 South Chestnut Place, Long Beach, CA, United States

Poiema Tattoos

Professional tattooists creating custom and flash art tattoos for individuals in San Jacinto, California, USA. Choose from a number of artists to create a custom designed tattoo. 2483 N San Jacinto Ave, CA.

Rigid Lifestyle Tattoos
Professional tattoo studio creating custom and flash art tattoos for individuals in Concord, California, USA. Choose from a number of artists to create a custom designed tattoo. Also offers body piercing. 1770 Willow Pass Road.

Skin Decor Tattoo Studio
Professional tattoo artists based in Fresno California, USA that provides body art expertise including tattoos, custom designed tats, colored, varying designs from ethnic, tribal, japanese art tattoos, portraits, pin-up girl tattoos and many more. 5048 North Blackstone Avenue, Fresno, CA 93710-6710, United States

Somatic Body Piercing
Tattoo parlor located in Long Beach california providing tattoo services like black and grey tattoo work, custom designed body work, colored tattoos, body piercings, body jewelry for piercings and after care tattoo services. Tattoo shop with a group of skilled tattoo artists from California, USA having a wide tattoo photo gallery and tattoo pictures to choose from.

Talisman Tattoos
California based tattoo parlor located in the city of Modesto offering tattoo services and piercing jobs. Their tattoo catalog includes fine line tattoos, new school body art, portraits, letterings and characters, coverups, rework and custom designed tattoos. 903 Kansas Avenue, Modesto, CA, United States

Tattoo Six
Located at Bakersfield California, this creative tattoo artist, Kaib Knight provides good quality tattoos. The tattoo parlor also offers sketches, graphics for gator boards, art for sale, born to love clothing, air brush and pin striping art forms. 1820 L Street, Bakersfield, CA, United States

Tattoos By Advance
Tattoists performing tattoo designs like american tattoos, cartoon characters, celtic designs, dark images, fantasy pictures, miscellaneous designs, nature tats, portrait and tribal tattoos. They provide tattoo aftercare and good aseptic tattoo environment. 3909 Washington Boulevard, Fremont, CA, United States

Temple Tattoo
Tattoo studio with skilled tattooists in Oakland California doing tattoos and piercings. Tattoo designs can be custom made, colored tattoos, black and gray, portrait, letterings, dedication tattoos, black light tattoos, asian tattoo designs. The shop provides a friendly atmosphere and one can choose from the tattoo catalog. 384 17th Street, Oakland, CA 94612-3335, United States

Tiger Jimmy Tattoo

Tattoo artist originally from Hong Kong, Asia that offers a wide variety of tattoos and specializing in Chinese characters. A well known tattoo parlor in Southern California that provides black and grey tats, colored tattoos, cover-ups, letterings and military designs. 519 Broadway San Diego, CA 92101

True Tattoo
Popular tattoo studio home to a number of well known tattooists based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Select a tat from a tattoo gallery or get a custom design. True Tattoo says "Our mission isn't to be the cheapest but to be the best at what we do, meaning we all specialize in tattooing." 1614 North Cahuenga Boulevard.

Zulu Tattoo
Professional tattoo studio creating sacred markings for individuals in Los Angeles, California, USA. Choose from a number of artists to create a custom designed tattoo. 165 South Crescent Heights Blv.

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