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Send us your tattoo parlor details, body piercing shop, or bodyart store and be added to our growing database of professionals tattooists worldwide.

Feel free to send us your tattoos if you would like to show it off online. We'll add it to our tattoos gallery for the world to see.

Tattoos Directory is a free directory to be listed in, showing professional tattoo studios and piercing shops throughout the USA and worldwide in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Submitting a tattoo shop: Send us your full shop address, contact details, and an objective description of what you do.

Submitting your tattoo pictures: If it is a photo of a tattoo on your body, tell us what it is, where and when you had it inked, and maybe even a little about why you got it.

Send your details to the email below

woopidoo @ gmail dot com

Thank you

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