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Alphabetical list of American tattoo artists in Texas categorized from A to Z from all cities and towns in the US state of TX. Includes tattooists and body piercers in Texas on our Tattoo directory.

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Axis Tattoo and Body Piercing
Tattoo artists from Texas that specializes in Black & Grey, Body Piercing, Color, Cover-Ups, Custom, Electra Art Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio, Extensive Jewelry Selection, Fineline, Safe Autoclave Sterilization, Tattooing. Tattoo studio located in Corpus Christi having a large selection of tattoo designs to choose from. 701 North Chaparral Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401-2305, United States

360 Blues & Tattoos Body Piercing Studio
The tatoo shop located in Grand Prairie offering over 1,500 pages of design sheets to choose from.Specializing in custom made designs, old school and new school tattoos, color or black and gray portraits, tribal art and many body art. The body artists also perform body piercing, over 1,000 body jewelry available and practices autoclave sterilization method.

Big Buddha Tattoo Studio
American tattoo shop located in Lubbock TX providing body piercing and tattoo work. Having more than 20 years of experience, they can offer wide variety of tattoo designs including portrait, new school tattoos, black light tats, letterings and characters, customized tats. Doing skin piercing, adult piercing and body modification with friendly staff and sterile working area.

Bonehead Tattoo
American tattoo parlor located at Fort Worth TX providing tattoo work, tattoo designs and body art. Also offering body piercing, this tattoo studio provides great and affordable tattoo from angel, butterfly, skull, funky tats, lettering and portraits. 7944 Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, TX 76116-6311, United States

Calaveras Tattoo
American tattoo parlor located in San Antonio TX providing good tattoo jobs including cosmetic tattoos, make up tattoo and custom designed artwork. They have a wide variety of artwork to choose from like portrait tats, big tattoos, black inkwork, body suit tattoos and many more. 628 South Saint Marys Street, San Antonio, TX, United States

Creative Tattoo
Garland, Texas tattoo studio and piercing shop doing custom and flash tattoos and body designs. Piercings include tongue, navel, ear cartledge, nipple, ear lobe, eye brow with ring and nose with cz or ball nostril screw, tragus, rook, monroe, eyebrow with barbell and LaBret piercing. Located at 2441 West Walnut Street, Garland, TX

Custom Tattoo
Professional tattoo artists, body piercers, body artists with a tatto shop located at Arlington Texas United States of America. Providing tattoo works like body location tattoos, angel tattoos, butterfly tattoo, skull tats, flower tattoos and portrait. 1804 East Abram Street, Arlington, TX 76010-1301, United States

D Money Tattoos & Piercings
Tattoo shops, tattoo artists and body piercers that provide tattoo services and body piercing. Located in Mesquite, they have tattoo designs to choose from, black and grey, portrait, fine line tattoos, lettering and characters. 365 Crooked Lane, Mesquite, TX, United States

Devil's Playground
Talented american tattoo artists that has a studio in Brownsville TX, USA doing tattoo work, body piercing and body modification. Tattoo salon that has a wide array of designs to choose from, tribal tattoos, sun tats, ethnic tattoos, polynesian tattoo, dragon tattoo, etc. They provide body piercing, skin piercing and adult piercing. 5 Boca Chica Boulevard, Brownsville, TX, United States

Diablo Rojo Tattoo

Custom tattoos and body piercing studio in Austin Texas near the University of Texas. Diablo Rojo Tattoo says "Diablo Rojo has two custom tattoo/piercing studios. On the Drag across the street from the University of Texas at Austin and our newest location at 2310 South Lamar"

Dream Connection Tattoos
Texas tattoo parlor offering quality ink work, located in Waco TX, USA. They provide body piercing and body jewelry. Custom design tattoos, letterings and characters, portraits, fine line tattoos, tribal art designs, japanese tattoo art, asian tats are their specialty among many others. 612 Franklin Avenue, Waco, TX 76701-2022, United States

Elite Tattoo and Piercing Studio
Tattooists and Body piercers that provide their tattoo services like body art, asian tattoos, tribal art tats, tattoo design and many more. This tattoo studio located at Beaumont Texas United States of America also provides aftercare products, body jewelry and custom tattoo related items. 6368 Phelan Boulevard, Beaumont, TX 77706

Elm Street Tattoos
Providing good quality body art, tattoos, tattoo designs, this American tattoo shop do varieties of designs ranging from ethnic tribal tattoo art, celtic designs, americant tattoos, asian tattoos and custom designs. This tat shop located in Dallas TX offer hygienic tattoo environment and tattoo catalog for their customers. 2811 Elm Street, Dallas, TX, United States

Fine Line Tattoo
Providing traditional electric tattooing. Located in Garland TX, this tattoo parlor is fully staffed and offers four locations in Dallas area, they have professional skilled tattoo artists that specializing in all forms of tattoos
. The tattoo shops also provides body piercing services with sterile area and licensed by the state.

Ghostriders Tattoos
With over 25 years of experience in the tattoo industry, this pool of skilled and trained body artists provide a sterile tattoo workplace, friendly staff and quality tattoo work and piercing. Their tattoo designs varies from colored inkwork, black and gray, black light, portrait, coverups, cartoon character tats, funky designs, contemporary tattoo designs and customized tattoos. Located at Lubbock Texas, USA

Impaled Flesh
Offering various types of tattoos like black light, customized tatttoos, old school, traditional, new school tats, tribal art, ethnic, portraits and letterings. The tattoo shop based in Laredo TX providing friendly tattooists and affordable prices for a good quality tattoo work. 620 West Calton Road, Laredo, TX 78041-3835, United States

Inkspot Tattoo
Texas based Tattoo parlor that provides tattoo services like colored tattoos, black and grey, custom tattoos, great tattoo designs, sterile area and tattoo equipment. This tattoo shop is located int El Paso and
offering qood quality tattoo for clients. 4112 Montana Avenue, El Paso, TX 79903-4609, United States

Happy Dragon Tattooing
Abilene based tattoo studio providing tat works such as tribal art tattoos, chinese tattoo, body art roses. butterfly tats, cross tattoos, skull tats, celtic, asian tattoos, black and many more. They provide quality tattoos and sanity procedure. 2638 South 14th Street, Abilene, TX 79605-5137, United States

Hellbent Tattoo and Body Piercing
Located in Arlington Texas, this tattoo parlor provides creative tattooists and body piercing experts. Offering body modification procedures and different tattoo styles for the customers such as skull tattoos, celtic, asian tattoos, japanese koi tats and many more. Their shop provide a safe, clean and sterile environment for tattoo enthusiasts. 5504 South Cooper Street, Arlington, TX, United States

Knuckle Up Tattoo
Professional tattoists, body artists and body piercers located in the city of Fort Worth Texas United States of America that provide tattoo work, tattoo designs, custom tattoo, with sterile tattoo guns, single needle tattoo. They provide good quality service and friendly people in the shop. 2467 North Main Street, Fort Worth, TX, United States

Magic Dragon Tattoo Shop
American tattoo artists, body artists specialists and piercers offering tattoo services like dedication tattoo, portrait, letterings, chinese characters, cartoon characters, flowers, angel tattoo, dragon tatoo, koi tat, etc. This tattoo salon from Beaumont Texas provide a wide range of tattoo designs to choose from and talented tattooists. 7410 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77708-2819

Majestic Tattoo
A tattoo shop in Pasadena Texas that provided tattoo services for over 65 years now. They do flash artwork and custom design tattoos, reworking, cover ups, half sleeves, quarter sleeves and full sleeves tat. Offering contemporary tats using chamelion ink that glows under black light. Pool of skilled artists are Steve, Fidel and Erica. Shop is located at 2737 Preston Avenue, Pasadena, TX, United States

Modern Body Image
Offering body piercing and tattoo work, this tattoo shop provides customized tats, rework, coverups, different designs inkwork, black and grey, colored, memorial tattoos, ethnic tribal and contemporary tattoo designs. The shop is located in the city of Grand Prairie, Texas.

Nublu Tattoo
Professional tattoo artists located in Amarillo Texas USA specializing in tattoos, coverups, 100% sterile, single use needles, different style tattoos like tribal tattoo art, chinese translation tattoo, japanese art tattoo, celtic tats, angel tattoos, skull tattoos and cartoon character tats. 110 Southwest 8th Avenue, Amarillo, TX, United States

Ol Skool Tattoo
A tattoo studio located in Brownsville Texas USA doing tattoo work and body piercing. These American tattooists provide a wide array of tattoo designs to choose from including names and lettering, memorial tattoos, naturalistic tats, characters and symbols, pin up girls, portraits tattoo, black and grey, colored and many more. 5095 East 14th Street, Brownsville, TX, United States

Sacred Art Tattoo
Tattoo shop that is home to five skilled and award winning tattoists and piercers, offering black light tattoos, new school tattoos, cosmetic, henna, portrait, letterings and customized tattoo. Tattoo parlor located in Irving Texas, providing a number of body jewelry to choose from. Established year 2000, it boasts of good quality service, friendly staff and clean place.

Sacred Heart Studio
Body piercerss, body artists and tattooists providing services in the city of Houston Texas. They offer skin piercing, adult piercing and body modification as well as tattoo works including black and grey, colored inkwork, dedication tattoos, ethnic designs and custom tattoos. Tattoo shops address is 327 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006, United States

Screamin Ink
American tattoo artists located in Abilene Texas offering tattoo works like angel tattoos, asian tattoo, japanese koi, butterfly tattoo, pin up girls, tribal art tattoo, body letterings and many more. This Texas based tattoo studio provides quality tattoo and great body art designs. 3401 South 1st Street, Abilene, TX, United States

Skin Art Tattoos
Home to creative and trained tattooists, they provide tattoo designs, tattoo works and body piercings. Tattoo shop located at Laredo Texas, offering black and grey inkwork, reworking, cover-ups, portraits, dedication tattoos, japanese tats, customized tattoos and many more. Can be located in 5216 Springfield Avenue, Laredo, TX, United States

Skin Illusions
Based in Corpus Christi Texas, this tattoo studio has professional tattooists and body artists doing tattoo work and body piercing. Their product and services include Autoclave Sterilization, Single Use Needles, State Licensed, Tattoo & Body Piercing. 1821 Ayers Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78404-3036, United States

Taboo Tattoo
Tattoo artists from America providing tattoo works such as cover-ups, black ink, colored, ethnic designs, tribal art tattoos, flower tats, memorial tattoos and many more. Based in Dallas Texas USA, this tattoo shop provide clean and friendly staff that will give many tattoo designs and ideas. 2650 Main Street, Dallas, TX, United States

Tattoo by Design
Famous tattoo shop based in Irving Texas doing tattoo works and piercings. Body designs include gray and black tattoos, colored ink, cover ups, rework tattoos, black and grey portraits. They also provide body modification and skin piercing. 1240 North Belt Line Road, Irving, TX, United States

Tattoo Dans
American tattoo artist that specializes in custom tattoos. The tattoo shop is located in El Paso TX which provides tattoo designs and tattoo pictures. They provide tattoo letterings, crosses tattoo, heart tattoo, fairy tattoo, etc. 5815 Dyer Street, El Paso, TX, United States

Tattoo Gallery
American tattoo shop located in Amarillo Texas providing Tattoos & Body Piercing, Specializing In Custom Work Cover Ups & Portraits, Back Tatto, Dragon Tattoo, Star Tats and with an enormous library of tattoo art, studios, artists and supplies. 2416 Hobbs Road, Amarillo, TX 79109-1506, United States

Texas Tattoo Emporium
Skilled American tattoo artists providing tattoo works and body piercing, based in Houston TX. They offer a wide variety of tattoos including black and gray inkwork, colored tattoos, angel tats, butterfly, ethnic art, tribal designs, skull and funky tattoos, customized designs and portraits. Located at 1540 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, United States

Uprock Tattoo
Professional tattoo studio and body piercing shop located in Midland, Texas, U.S.A. Accepts walk ins or make an appointment to have your custom designs tattooed. 102 Andrews Highway, Midland, TX.

Vitality Tattoo
Professional tattooists located in the Plano TX providing tattoo artworks, body piercing. They do cover ups, custom designed inkwork, rework tattoos, black and grey, colored and portrait tattoos. Providing friendly and customer friendly staff and clean, sterile tattoo workplace.

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